Science and technology can enhance the railway construction

&Nbsp;      speed up railway construction, meet the needs of national economic development, as well as key   one is to rely on Science and technology to improve productivity. East is China economic more developed to   district, 70% of transport pressure are in this aspects, and population concentrated, land tension,  If focused on to technology to productivity, will Beijing wide, and Beijing Shanghai two article route all achieved   gasification, shipped can on can increased 1 time times above, original Beijing railway Secretary Guo Lin in   eight session national NPC once Conference Shang said: Beijing railway take with national railway four   points one of of cargo, one-third of coal volume, Passenger one-seventh Dan   and one-fifth conversion volume, the task is very heavy, but every year is exceeded, turn off the   keys one is to rely on technology to increase productivity. "75" during their 57. 4  billion yuan on major routes, marshalling yards, passenger and freight station for the comprehensive technology. And   to raise 4. 7.8 billion yuan to introduce new technology and scientific research. They are studying the   "85" after three years of science and technology development plan. Similarly, Shanghai Huayu logistics to improve the scientific and technological content.