Why production must also control security

1. Security and an integral   proved that security is accompanied by production activities and the emergence of. Modern industrial and mining enterprises,   transportation safety, unlike the crafts era. In the era of crafts, from   production processes, operating methods and tools includes equipment and other safety requirements, but this   some safety requirements are reflected through the manual one. In modern industrial and mining enterprises,   transportation company, along with the increasingly detailed division of labor, management has become increasingly complex,   in the composition and functions of safety and production divisions. Therefore, the security needs of enterprises   leaders at all levels and departments to work together to achieve. Between levels, which   links on convergence, would hamper the realization of safety. Railway is a multisectoral,   many types of linkage, the issue is particularly prominent. Therefore, train, locomotive, industrial   supplies, electrical supplies, vehicles, water and electricity sectors, the Department, should be in their own business   within, be responsible for realizing safety requirements.

2. Operation safety and production must be synchronized   to truly implement the "pipe must be safe" principles of safe production and   are United, the key is to set up safe production responsibility system at various levels. This system is all  -level leadership functions, engineering and production workers in the production of security   responsible for a system. While business leaders at all levels of personnel in the management of production, must be   safety work responsibility management, planning, layout, inspection, summary and appraisal of,  must also plan, layout, review, summary, rating safety work. In actual work in the, in cadres equipped with, and developed regulations, and adjustment labor organization, and personnel equipped with, and arrangements investment   plans and material supply, and wage award, and production arrangements, the work in the, are to consider to   can effective guarantee safety of need; in transport organization and command, and design and Shi   workers, and equipment manufacturing and maintenance, and research project of select and promotion, all link Shang, also are   to put ensure railway security smooth as most basic of starting point Not "production planning,  security sentence". In short, each unit of production, technology, design, material, and financial   and other relevant professional institutions, should, within the scope of their business to ensure the implementation of safety and health  . In this way, can make safety production work on the leadership of the Organization are implemented, security   layers of tubes and all the production work was responsible for forming a "security burden pick,  indicator on the head of everyone" situation, so as to ensure safety.

3. Establish safety Gong system   railway transport from the planned economy to the market economy system since regulations on many   systems, safety management needs change, should step into standardized management. Among them, fall   real responsibility for security is the key to regulate security management. At present, the urgent need to pay special attention to three   work to make the security layer is responsible for.

(1) leadership is responsible.   "Leader" is a product of the first responsible person,  overall leadership responsibility for safety, specific leadership responsible leaders.

(2) implementing departments. Relevant operational departments to strengthen their professional guidance, technical and management   and technical supervision.

(3) post responsible for. Safe working point is a specific production   post, responsibilities to secure the production process of each job and each link,  form for all concerned with security, safety for all situations. The only way to security   carry out the work.