Basic development of railway logistics system operation mode

Word patterns range widely, it marks the hidden rules relationships between objects. And these objects is not necessarily images, patterns, and can be a number, abstract, and even way of thinking, emphasizes the formal rules, rather than substantive law.

railway logistics system operation organization of development mode, must meet logistics itself of development law, using current national modern logistics development of good policy and market environment, must based railway reality development conditions,  caught railway freight capacity release and railway freight has internal production type to external marketing type change of development of opportunities, to modern logistics and supply chain concept for guide, to resources utilization, assets home clear, interests distribution coordination for principles, to meet market customer needs, Enhance the railway industry upgrading goals, expansion, integration of resources as the basic means, based on the railway transport industry, fast, slow, after the first, step by step, scientifically and reasonably detected a Chinese railway and is consistent with the concept of modern logistics development of railway logistics system operation model of development.

refer to basic development mode of enterprises at home and abroad, and combining the railway reality, China railway logistics system operating mainly through expansion of transformation, new joint venture, m three ways to accomplish, all modes of development.