Innovative logistics based on logistics business

Current, with China logistics industry of development, market on logistics service of needs has far not traditional of transportation, but can provides and the logistics, flow, funds flow one of integrated logistics service and various meet customer personalized of logistics value-added business, railway logistics system of operation organization also must to meet customer needs for basic premise, improved traditional concept, to modern logistics concept for based, to resources integration for means, reasonable using railway logistics network advantage, expand logistics service function, development new logistics business mode, Through strengthening business personnel professional quality, constantly development new logistics products, for customer provides personalized of logistics service, constantly meet customer reality needs and created customer potential needs, current, railway logistics system to constantly development to logistics the link basic function for based of integrated service service, while, also to active exploration logistics financial, logistics real estate, electronic logistics, new fusion sex products, and using industry features advantage, carried out railway logistics information business, to achieved service innovation, profit income-generating.