Encyclopedia of supply chain risk management methods

Supply chain risk management is at the heart of supply chain risk management, identifying supply chain risk and measure supply chain risk is to effectively deal with supply chain risk, reduce supply chain risk probability and loss, dealing with supply chain risk including supply chain risk aversion, supply chain risk management, supply chain risk transfer and shared new year at your own risk.

1, supply chain risk aversion

determination it is a method of avoiding supply chain risk, that is, cut off sources of risk. Methods of supply chain risk aversion is abandoned or terminate a total supply chain, or changing supply chain collaboration environment, try to avoid some of the impact of external events on the business, of course, supply chain risk aversion means the opportunity to profit to a certain extent.

2, supply chain risk management

it is in supply chain risk recognition and assessment of based Shang of, has targeted of take active prevention control measures of behavior, supply chain risk control of target is, in risk occurred zhiqian, reduced risk occurred of probability, in risk occurred zhihou, reduced risk occurred caused of loss, to makes risk caused of loss reduced to minimum limits, this is a active active of risk management method, but often by technology conditions, cost costs, management level, limit.

3, supply chain risk transfer

it is will supply chain in the may occurred of part risk transfer out of risk prevention way, risk transfer can is divided into insurance transfer and non-insurance transfer two species, insurance transfer is to insurance company insured, will supply chain of part risk loss transfer to insurance company bear, non-insurance transfer is will supply chain of part risk transfer to supply chain yiwai of enterprise, or by whole supply chain enterprise to common bear risk.

4, at your own risk in supply chain

it is in the supply chain companies can risk leaving themselves a way, is a passive measure, one possibility is that, for enterprise, may predict risk, but were willing to take risks to get remunerative, another situation is, unavoidable due to supply chain system, so the supply chain can only be accepted through the system to absorb risks.