Logistics strategic planning based on engineering model

  Logistics as a complex socio-economic systems, the system elements are often contradictory, there is a very strong sense of alternating gains and losses, if handled carelessly, there will be a deterioration of the overall results, good job planning and design of logistics system, is to ensure the good operation of the logistics system.

logistics planning is a systematic plan stresses the system's point of view and analysis of the mode of thinking and problem solving, systems engineering is an important ideological basis for planning of logistics.

in systems engineering methods to guide the planning and design of logistics system work, should pay attention to several problems.

1, firmly grasp the whole, rolling logistics planning as an organic whole, the global Outlook, Outlook to all aspects of planning as a whole, segments and stages, from an overall local coordination in logistics planning process, the target system must be subject to the overall objectives of the system, under the overall coordination of the need to determine the best option.

2, insisted system dynamic sex principles, logistics systems engineering often is large complex of practice process, research object internal complex of mutual role and external of environment polygon, makes logistics system often is large complex of practice process, research object internal is responsible for of mutual role and external environment of polygon, makes logistics systems engineering itself rendering out dynamic characteristics, in logistics system planning process in the, should put logistics system as a a dynamic process, analysis system both inside and outside of various changes, master changes of features, direction and trend , Take the appropriate measures and means, to improve its working methods, improve the efficiency of programming and planning, system optimization in dynamic changes.

3, insisted system creative thinking principles, System creative thinking of principles has two items, first: put strange of things as a is familiar of things, with has some knowledge be identification and solution, from this items principles starting, not only is on new of things give reasonable of explained, also may give new of explained, even created out new of theory, second, put familiar of things as a is strange of things, advanced of method and principles for research, to created out new of theory and technology, creative thinking activities is service first , Form variety, and often is variety form each other overlap staggered in with, so, in logistics planning of process in the, both insisted investigation, facts, do in-depth of research analysis, and dared to jumped out of reality, at from existing of antibody analysis in the caught things of nature, development law and direction, both active reference domestic of outside logistics planning of success experience, and cannot stiff moved sets, but in reference others success experience of based Shang, actual situation, created line to proposed himself of planning programme.