Development trend of Chinese cold chain logistics

Cold chain logistics markets improve and the improvement of technical and organizational level of the cold chain logistics, cold chain logistics in China towards more efficient and reliable way, and showed a trend:

1, cold chain logistics infrastructure investments to further accelerate

with the development of the food and drug consumption safety the growing importance that has gradually entered the fast track for the development of the cold chain logistics and cold chain logistics infrastructure investments in the country will continue to accelerate, in the construction of cold storage facilities, cold storage technology and diversification of refrigerated vehicles witnessed a gradual growth.

2, cold chain logistics will gradually realize the close operation

closed operation strategy of cold chain logistics, can effectively control food and drug quality in logistics, food, consumption and safety of drugs

closed cold chain logistics operation needs to participate in the cold chain, a member of strict entry system, members have a unified operating rules and technical standards, and functioning of the cold chain of food, medicine to implement monitoring and management. Cold chain logistics operation closed with the following characteristics.

production enterprises, cold chain logistics companies and three joint government regulators, high efficiency of its operation. High reliability.

members of the closed operation with relative stability of strategic alliance of enterprises

dynamic quality tracking system based on logistics information technology,

with perfect information and responsibility for the quality of the cold chain traceability system

pace of alliances of the cold chain system

from the perspective of market demand-oriented, and professional third party cold chain logistics business is the subject of future participation in cold chain logistics market competition, cold chain logistics Enterprise Alliance is an important trend of development of the industry.

cold chain logistics Alliance is a consortium of cold chain enterprises, whose main objective is to establish an open mechanism for cooperation, played the complementary strengths of the enterprise, for intensive operation of cold chain facilities, cold-chain logistics to achieve mutual benefit and win-win and maximize resource allocation effect, reducing circulation costs.