The primary method of transportation and features

1, the basic mode of transport

according to the different transport equipment and means of transport, transport can be divided into rail transport, road transport, air transport, sea transport and pipeline transport v.

railway transport

rail transport is the use of rail equipment, facility transport of passengers and goods by a mode of transport, which is characterized by large transport capacity, continuous wall in long-distance transport, its speed after the air transport, but in short distance, served slower than road transport.

road transport

road transport is the use of highway equipment, facilities, delivery of goods to a mode of transport, it features mobile. Flexible, low investment, small subject to natural conditions, to take goods home, rail transport, water transport, air transport play a role in distribution.

air transport

abbreviation of air transport air transport, using aircraft to transport passengers and cargo transportation, he has a line straight, fast, can fly over natural obstacles, advantages of long distances without stopping the transport can ensure that valuable, needed or timing-a lot of small quantities of goods transported.

waterway transport

waterway transport is refers to using ship, rafts and other floating shipped tool, in rivers Lake, artificial waterways and marine transport passenger and goods of a transport way, waterway transport main bear big number, long of transport, is in route transport in the its main role of form, in river and coastal, waterway transport also long do as small transport tool using, served as added and convergence of big bulk route transport of task.

pipeline transportation

pipeline transport is the use of piped gas, liquid and powdered solids mode of transportation, its down the pressure within a transport function is to rely on object orientation move gradually and progressively achieved, compared with their mode of transport, the main difference is that the plumbing is stationary.