Economic analysis of logistics talent shortage

With the rapid development of the world economy and the advancement of modern science and technology, logistics industry as an emerging service sector in the national economy, is developing rapidly worldwide. At the international level, the logistics industry is considered arterial and basic industry of the national economy, their level of development become a measure of a country's modernization levels and overall national strength, one of the important symbols. &Nbsp;

the logistics industry as a new industry in China, is emerging as a new economic growth point in China's economy. Experts expect the logistics demand in China will last for a period of 10-15 years of high-speed growth, particularly in the "Eleven-Five", with the stable and rapid development of the national economy and further expansion of the import and export trade, logistics demand will continue to expand the scale of 2010 total logistics will more than double by 2005.  

development of modern logistics industry depends on a large number of outstanding talents to support China's Assistant logistician, logistician, senior logistics specialist qualifications of some 17,000 people, according to the investigation authorities, logistics professionals has been identified as a shortage of 12 in China, one of the talent gap of up to more than 6 million people, and excellent management personnel are the most scarce, their annual revenues in the hundreds of thousands of Yuan. Logistics has been named "top ten paying careers!"  

in order to improve the quality of China logistics management talents, meet the position requirements of enterprises, institutions and other organizations. SASAC CILS certification office in extensive consultation with relevant companies and professionals, research existing international and national accreditation system based on the CILS Qualification exam system was introduced. The certificate system of College not only reflect the current international logistics industry certified to international standards, but also meet the needs of today's international economic and social development, with a high degree of practicality and operability. CILS Certificate issued by international, forward-looking and practical features have become foreign-related positions in logistics and supply chain management "pass".  

training out of International Logistics Division, employment range very wide, can to traffic transport (civil aviation, and ocean, and railway, and Metro, and highway, and water,), and modern trade (chain, and supermarket, and distribution, and franchise,), and post, and express, and international trade, and port, and airport, and Logistics Park, and inspection, and customs, and information industry, and manufacturing enterprise, and international goods agent, all field, and industry, and sector work. Work mainly in the production and circulation is engaged in the transport, storage, handling, transport, packaging, distribution, information and service logistics management.  

with the advent of the knowledge economy and information age, toward the direction of internationalization development of logistics industry. Our foothold in the increasingly fierce international economic competition, you must establish a sound logistics system at the same time, to train a high quality team of logistics personnel, to create a group of elite logistics. In this a situation Xia International Logistics Division certification came into being, its main mission is in world economic globalization process in the, training enterprise decision, and risk management and practice operation, aspects of senior professional talent, makes its became international logistics and supply chain management of backbone power, for China participation international economic of competition made contribution, promote China economic of fast growth, enhanced China of integrated forces, to improve China of international status.