The shipment of goods transportation insurance choices

When the shipper of the goods, and if necessary to be insured or insurance, fully to the shipper the principle of voluntary, rail does not in any way forced to handle value-insured transportation or cargo insurance. But from the standpoint of interests of the shipper, consignee, shall handle the value-insured transportation. Because checked people while requirements railway transport enterprise can security, and quickly, and economic to will goods sent arrived station; on the, dang occurred damage goods poor Shi, total hope get and goods price most close of compensation amount, insured transport more can solution above problem, because:     

(1) not do insured transport goods: from goods Security told, goods transport management is by existing of railway goods management about regulations handle, But failed to get and insured goods as of special security of protection, so occurred damage goods poor of opportunities than insured goods big; from compensation aspects told, although not do insured also not do insurance, so without paid insured gold and insured gold, but because railway accepted goods Shi, regardless of goods of precious or not, are received goods weight charged freight, if occurred damage goods poor compensation Shi, is by goods value compensation, this on railway transport enterprise told, is not fair of, so railway take limit compensation, but such on checked people ( Especially shipping valuable cargo shippers) also has great benefits.     

(2) handle insured transport goods: because insured responsibility of based main is because railway responsibility caused of goods loss, railway to reduced accident compensation, must to seriously treats freight accident, and goods insured transport is transport contract of part, railway as contract of party directly participate in goods of transport work, and through on accident of survey, and analysis, and summary, has conditions on insured goods take security management measures, improved internal of management work, improve goods transport security quality and service quality. In this respect, railways and shippers ' interests are aligned. From the side, the shipper paid the price of gold, but the railway to the actual price of the goods (insurance coverage) carrier, a railway responsibility, does not exceed the insured amount of compensation, the shipper can get legitimate economic interests and, therefore, the contradiction between value-insured transportation solution to inadequate railway limited compensation.     

(3) cover the cargo insurance: insurance is because of natural disasters, accidents and other damage caused by the non-human factors, insurance companies are not involved in transportation management, compensation is a form of economic compensation for loss of the goods.     

regardless of the cargo insured value-insured transportation and transportation insurance, are measures of protection. Railway insurance is the responsibility of railway, does not fall under the railway responsible for loss, railway does not assume insurance compensation; the shipper requested compensation higher than the value-insured transportation, can also handle cover the transport insurance.