Warehousing and distribution of information design

Establish a unified customer service order center management, contact center unified order, harmonization of operational coordination, tracking orders the execution node.

through the operating system's development and construction, uniform group headquarters and branch operational processes, standard business documents, statistical tables.

through the planning and construction of information system of documents used, sector post setting management of curing, in order to facilitate the work of unifying and standardizing, also are strengthening basic management Informationization construction of basic requirements.

through the development of the operations management system, project to strengthen management of business data analysis and information analysis and sharing of various departments, in particular in the homologous repeat of the original data-processing work, making business process clear, transparent, and achieving interoperability of data and information from different departments, centralized query information, improve the efficiency of business processes.

strengthening the early warning management, improve the effectiveness of production management and the balance of corporate internal control management.

establishing performance appraisal management, from individual performance to organizational performance management

using information technology to make your business manage fine, in order to facilitate data analysis and scientific decision-making.

   graphical warehouse, inventory visibility.

through the development of the operations management system, business and financial integration, improve the efficiency of financial management.

establishment of logistics information systems online service system, make it a highly efficient integrated business platform.

according to the storage and distribution system planning and information system application consists of the following aspects:

1)   group control: for group decision-making to provide reliable and timely information required for strategic decision-making.

2)   operations management: provide comprehensive optimization based on business results, to provide enterprises with operational control.

3)   operations: provides comprehensive logistics enterprise's comprehensive business service support functions.

4)   digital: receive operations issued operational directives, to the actions layer feedback job information.