Visible logistics

Moved "over the counter"

       yiqian, we shop to shopping malls counters, well-dressed waiters yinglaisongwang; now we are a fanatic heart, cold computer orders, only come into contact with people who provide services for commodities is courier. Express to become a business façade, or is an important interface it presents to consumers. If the interface is not friendly enough, the fanatical order of the heart, and how?

transformed warehouse

        order in a Web site, when you see these detailed order tracking information, the heart must be kind of sense, practical feel it, this is the e-commerce business to create a better shopping experience for you. But this is not easy, especially for those who converted from traditional logistics business enterprise of warehouse, need to adapt to the pace of e-commerce to do lots of revolutionary transformation.

tangible goods transport

       Shanghai Huayu logistics is trying to get all the logistics trucks online, if connected to the Internet, "running all of the trucks on the road, you can always send data back to corporate headquarters. "Prior to that, in the course of transport, truck drivers need to be fixed nodes to manually enter data for cargo information tracking.

     now, as long as the goods are loaded on RFID  label and connect mobile Internet every truck, you do not need to manually enter it. "If every car every few seconds to upload data, this data is massive in the past did not realize, but the mobile Internet environment and IT  technology is now mature and easy. "Shanghai Huayu logistics believe that as long as the structures of a cloud platform, you can achieve the management of huge amounts of data. "Data to the cloud, then spread to the customers. ”