Development status of foreign car number automatic identification technology

International Shang equipment automatically recognition technology (friends I) of application started more early, but due to   by at technology development of effect, main used camera, and barcode, and sound surface wave, technical   operation means to achieved vehicles of automatically recognition, but are due to site application environment conditions poor, always failed to solution system recognition precision not high and anti-interference capacity poor technology problem, for   This failed to widely application.

enter the friends century 80 's, with microwave technology and electronic technology   the rapid development, many foreign companies are committed to using microwave reflection modulator technology   to implement automatic vehicle identification research. Because this technology has a higher anti-interference   and high recognition accuracy, were quickly recognized, and has been widely promoted and   applications.

International Union of railways through various arguments, recommended to the world of micro-  wave-reflection technology to realize automatic car number identification system, 6 on the International Organization for standardization based   in the technology developed automatic identification standards and adopted by countries around the world.   Many foreign railway companies to view system connected with the railway management system,

  Qian, Sweden and the United States and other Western countries on the application of this technology to develop mature,  United States RFID tags in a passive manner, the RF feed; Sweden's tag is   International Organization for Standardization (grant o) provides for automatic recognition system of microwave frequencies.