Injury accident of main evaluation index and its calculation method

According to the Labor Department, accidents accidents are the main index frequency   rate and severity of work-related accidents.   Because of the number of employees in all enterprises of different accident occurred at different times, so injuries   die absolute must make a specific analysis of the accident. For ease of comparison, by accident-rate   and severity of work-related accidents to calculate.  1. Accidents at work frequency   accident frequency refers to a certain period, average per 1 employee in the   the number of accidents. Calculated according to the following formula:

2. Accident severity calculations   severity of accidents that wounded a number of average number of working days lost   calculated column formula:  accident   accident during this period total number of said today it will take   extent of   accidents during this period people

accidents (has been made thanks to the nuclear power plant on December 15, officially closed). This   capital to varying degrees, causing significant personnel casualties and property losses. By deleting the   year on August 12, Russia nuclear submarine Kursk fertilizer ", took part in the Barents Sea   drills sank, killing all 118 sailors, causing huge losses. The submarine   sinks Russia grief and mourning in the Russian Federation nation mourning,  shocked the world.   In recent years, China's industrial and mining enterprises, transportation and rural enterprises, private enterprises   frequent occurrence of accidents, these accidents at home and abroad have terrible shadow   ring, to the country and result in very heavy losses of life and property of the people.

put the safety in the prominent position in economic work to catch, the "safety first,   prevention first" approach, to take strong measures and firmly curb the extremely large, heavy   occurrence of large and extra large.   Because the party and the country attaches great importance to production safety, all localities and departments to   awareness gradually increased, leading gradually strengthening, gradual improvement in all aspects of the work,  reversed once a situation of production safety situation.

serious and extremely serious accidents occur frequently   security volatility, repetition, and scratch the moment, hold tight bounce,  not once and for all. Therefore, safety has made great achievements, but also   see clearly, safety is still very unstable, severe forms of particularly significant, serious and extremely serious accidents occur. According to the daily   reported on February 26  2 plus 1 year thanks to order the national total of accidents more than more than 270,000, killed more than 110,000 people. -&Nbsp; of them serious and extremely serious accidents killed 10 or more people, 122, 2739 people died. 5  under the list of serious and extremely serious accidents in 2000, as shown in table 3-1, table 3-2 shows   that work safety situation remains grim.