Tertiary education in the railway transport

Three-tier education refers to the approach of education, workshop education, job education. Main object is   just to work for new workers (including interns and temporary labour staff) or regulating   moved to the new post of personnel.

real education is better.   Typical accident case education takes many forms. For example, serious and extremely serious accident   to dry up after birth or operational ministries to immediately organize the relevant personnel to identify the cause of the accident, and   notification when national or industry, and to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection, developing preventive measures, anti-  of similar accidents from happening again. Typical accident analysis held will be held, some   depending on the phone, and some typical scene filmed video widely shown in the regions.   Typical accident case education should run through ' the scars I have pain of others ": ' fool   bleeding lesson wise lessons to stop the bloodshed". Case,  of education workers effectively improved capacity to prevent accidents.

new workers only road safety technical regulations and related rules and regulations of examinations   Hou will be allowed to operate independently, a separate post. Otherwise, unqualified personnel independent   or post, holds the leadership of responsibility causing serious consequences.

approach for education undertaken by the primary stations and sections. Railway new workers (including solid   teaching staff, provisionally to participate in the labour force, the outward redeployment from road to railway staff) assigned to   prior to workshop safety education, general education or technology room was responsible for organizing.   The content of education is: introduces the characteristics of railway transportation, related documents, explaining an   value of the whole work, introduce general situation of production safety, General Safety   protection knowledge and the departments or units of the special dangers and prevention knowledge.   Education discussion, explanation, materials, reports, site visits, and so on.   Safety education activity room units should be carried out in the room, so that new employees

regular safety education   regular safety education can take various forms, according to the railway, the line is long   features, publicity and education generally available the following forms: safety safety month, day, and   before and after class, safety seminars, accident analysis, safety briefings, Blackboard  , radio, safety education exhibition showroom, security, security scene, and so on.   Safety education should take in the typical person to recognize, reward and   or criticism, punish, make safety took hold.   The daily educational work of safe production, administrative and party committees, trade unions, the Communist Youth League organizations   should cooperate.

in short, work safety education, should be based on characteristics of railway   take a variety of forms.