Little girls fate of hanzheng Street in white horse Mall flow also varies a lot

A big of Chengguan, put management and service even in with, Wuhan is a old city, so more problem need solution, General of public, compromise vulnerable groups of public, they will encountered life in the of problem, we to care it, noise pollution, accounted for road business, problem, we do has a system, let it has regulatory to support, has supervision system to support we of management. Wuhan is divided into seven districts, divided into more than 8,000 more, 100x100 m. The grid plan, took part, in accordance with the request of the Ministry of construction, Ministry of Civil Affairs to investigate so many classes, a total of more than 2 million parts, to attend to people, things and events. Hired 619 supervisors from unemployed workers.


Wang Hongfu Dean: "don't want to live up to the country's culture, for the love of work, social responsibility, eventually chose to stay. ”

not even an MA in the search for Wang Wei. Her shoe  , food, cosmetics and books, surrounded by hills, is to sort packages, prepared for courier delivery tasks tomorrow morning.

  such ideas in hanzheng Street shop owners is not accidental. Owner of several clothing shops are also invariably said, he did not sync set up shop or does not have any immediate plans to set up shop. A shopkeeper Miss Gu told reporters, "we are currently doing here (business), with a lot of customers. They feel your good, and would often come to visit. Generally came in one or two times a month. Enough of our shop family. ”

  that seems to be the case. In the global financial turmoil, hanzheng Street has not been much of an impact. Miss Gu said, although slightly reduced the number of passengers some time ago, but those frequented by guests still will "come to". Miss Gu's business is always booming.

  of course, in addition to a regular customer base in addition to admiring. "This is the reason I opened the shop in the important reasons", and Miss shop opposite says, she came to the store's customers are always praise you, opening will be named Belle, close praised wise. So come to the shop to buy clothes of young girls, mostly under the praise of her some of her clothes in the store.

it was reported that the night rain, jilongyi man destroying the snack bar lock people in my family told me that a few years ago, MA in Hong Kong several times to meet with Wang Wei, Wang Wei declined.

Wang Wei's family history

If the time tunnel through the express, in 1993 was the first milestone. Shun Feng, Shen Tong and zjs was established this year. Specimens of the three companies became industry and survivors, but they are.

by chance, I met a friend of a friend. Sources said his startup just got billions of Yuan of venture, intends to enter the express industry in early 2011. Last winter, he is in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen began a journey of investigation.

in fact, he saw a picture of Chinese society in the first decade of the 21st century end of the capillaries "express chip". In dashanzi, Beijing jiuxianqiao building materials market, there is a vast concentrate for courier companies, almost   the point of aimen. Daily night 11:30 Bell is they most kick of when, fundamental didn't what people stopped he, he pushed door, see face Shang has frostbite wound of cover with down jacket sat in ground, lights Dim,, into stealing, wantonly search Hou, hands mention with 2 big bags items, put to sidewalk concentrated, on such continuous 4, and 5 trip, with garbage bags do cover, inside loaded of actually is imports Ocean wine, a a people moved not moving so more, thieves readily a enrollment find to taxi help.

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