Ocean transportation, deal on CIF or CFR terms

Ocean transportation, deal on CIF or CFR terms, by the seller to arrange for transportation, the procedures are as follows:

(1) review shipping terms in the credit:

for resorted to shipped work smooth for, in received credit Hou, must audit card in the about of shipment terms, as shipment period, settlement period, shipment Hong Kong, purpose Hong Kong, whether can transit or batch shipment and whether specified ship company, ship name, flag and class,, some to card requirements provides various proved, as route certificate, flag card,, on these terms and provides, I should according to China policy, international practice, requirements whether reasonable and or whether can do, to consider accept or proposed modified requirements.

(2) stocking inspection:

is in accordance with export turnover of contracts and letters of credit in relation to the goods, specifications, quantity, packaging requirements, on time, according to quality, according to the volume of exports of goods ready to be, and to apply for inspection and licensing work. Refrigerated cargo cool to do the work to ensure compliance when shipping temperature requirements.

in China, where the inclusion of provisions of the commodity inspection authorities "type table" goods as well as under a letter of credit, trade contracted by the commodity inspection certificate issued by commodity, are required before the export declaration, fill out the "application for export inspection" application for inspection. Weight of exports required identification, and some require phytosanitary or sanitary, safety inspection, have to be cleared in advance, pass a certificate of inspection.   Preparations before shipment, cargo certificates are complete, you can check.

(3) consignment booking:

preparation of the export consignment note, to freight forwarders handle booking procedure. Freight forwarders according to the specific requirements of the owner by route classification after finishing in time to the shipping companies or their agents booking. Shippers can also be directly to the shipping companies or their agents booking. When the shipping company or its agent to check out shipping orders, booking work shall be completed, it means that the contract of carriage between the shipper and the carrier have been concluded.

(4) insurance:

when the goods are booked accommodation, is a seller of insurance, you can apply for cargo transportation insurance insurance procedures. Insurance amount is usually caused by the CIF invoice price plus insurance (adduct according to buyer and seller agree, if not agreed upon, plus 10% percent).

(5) goods focus on port:

when shipping to the port of loading plan is finalized, according to the port purchase notice and within the prescribed time limit, consolidation procedures are completed by the shipper, the concentration of exports shipped to the port area in a timely manner, waiting for shipment, batch, and count of mark clear. Note that special attention to ports, shipping companies and the transport company or railway units maintain close contact, finish the purchase, work out and affecting the progress of the shipment.

(6) the declaration process:

concentration after the port of goods, export goods declaration prepared together with shipping order, invoice, packing list, inspection certificate, export contracts, foreign exchange verification forms and other related documents to the customs declaration for export, customs inspection qualified release before the shipment.

(7) shipment:

before shipment, tallymen on behalf of the ship, collected by customs clearance of goods shipping orders and receipts, be collated and, in accordance with the stowage and cargo manifests, partial cargo shipment. During shipment, and shippers authorized shipping agent should be someone at the scene loading, and keep track of shipping schedule and dealing with temporary problems that occur. Loading is completed, tally leader signed receipts with the ship mate, delivered to the shipper. Tallyman found a batch of defective or improper packing, is endorsed on the receipt and signed by the Chief Officer to determine responsibility for both cargo. But as the shipper, should strive for is not endorsed on the receipt in order to obtain a clean bill of lading.

(8) the completion of loading:

apart from the notice in shipment to the consignee, the shipper, you can present the receipt to the shipping company or its agent for shipment Bill of lading, transport which came to an end.

(9) a single settlement:

after the contract or letter of credit provided for in the settlement documents ready, during the term of contract or letter of credit provides for negotiation, presentation to the Bank, to purchase foreign exchange procedures.