Outsourcing makes the company's human resources focused on the core business

With the development of e-commerce in China. More and more B2B websites, providing SMEs with professional e-commerce services. Three streams flow in e-commerce, logistics, capital flow, but B2B websites only solves the asymmetric information this information flow problems of SMEs, there are a lot of other issues that need e-commerce solutions. Established early in a B2B site should plan these products and service! so what should a B2B web site for SMEs to solve logistics problems!

1.B2B website provides complete information for SMEs

because of the uneven levels of logistics industry in our country, service level gap, at present already have so-called "logistics" 70duowanjia. But these logistics companies in specific to logistics services is on different levels, prices vary; there is the small and medium enterprises because their products needed for the different logistics services is not the same, so these SMEs need to get the details of logistics enterprises in their region. China mining machinery website for SMEs while addressing the issues of information asymmetry as machinery companies provide area logistics information, include the cost of logistics information, logistics and market information, differences in various logistics services.

2.B2B website has integrated logistics resources and supply capacity

when things will change by the accumulation of a certain amount of time. Is whether logistics or supply consolidation effects can occur when combined together so that the logistics sector to improve logistics services and reduce logistics costs and improve logistics information has a very significant role. On the SMEs are concentrated, so a B2B site must have the ability to integrate resources! mechanical products is a huge differentiation of products, China mining machinery website according to the regional logistics services required by these manufacturers can be divided, then unified contact their appropriate and efficient logistics services, low, so you can make the production and logistics enterprises win-win situation.

third party logistics services providers must have attractive services to meet customers and services must meet the customers ' expectations of the third party logistics. These expectations are the benefits to customers in the following ways:  

1, job interests.

through the third-party logistics services, customer can get their own logistics organization is unable to provide service or logistics services needs of production factors (expertise or technical conditions). This is an important reason for outsourcing logistics services and development.

other hand is likely to improve the performance of the internal management of enterprises, such as increasing job flexibility, improved quality and service, speed, and consistency of service and more efficient.

2, economic and financial interests.

through outsourcing, can be either constant costs into variable costs, and avoid blind investment and use the funds for other areas and reduce costs.