Enterprises for logistics service pledges ☆ ☆ knows not comprehensive and profound

Development of logistics in China lags far behind the development of logistics and the overall level is not high.

1. corporate awareness of logistics services is not comprehensive and profound. Along with economic development, customer demand for logistics services more and more personalized, diversified. But many companies only department store cosmetic flagship Home   skin care   sunscreen   makeup   mask   handmade soap   textile four set   mat   NET   towel   mattress   bedding   household utensils   kitchen   clocks   storage   fan   kitchen electrical appliances   Day of   department store lighter   mosquito     Cup   creative  2 shop  5 shop   food and beverage snack food   wine   milk   aquatic products   tea   sport ball   outdoor   flow is unidirectional contribution of enterprise customers, constantly cut logistics costs, No supply chain value function into full play, logistics could not be increased to a strategic height. And many companies still exist "logistics corruption" phenomenon, for example, some reform of procurement staff drill Gages   view all categories of industrial products   industrial group special   car vacuum cleaner   14.00  ¥ I   change a tire tool set     high speed dome   promotional concert [Kunshan SEG electronics market]  market General hardware  [hardware]  industrial products  [electrical]  wiring, cables, rest assured that the purchased special   sofa   floor   view all categories special show   Qiang Bang mosquito repellent Kit   ¥ 8.50  me   promotional concert [home]  home a few stores stock area  [ New beauty]  beauty   spring/summer special  [home]  home improvement shopping   Super  [high profit food] loopholes, to sacrifice the overall interest to seek personal gain, high logistics costs. In addition, most companies have not yet realized the importance of 20/80, limited logistic resources are distributed equally to all customers and all of our products, this "one size fits all" service is bound to hurt the "20" key to the interests of consumers, and thus lose "80" profits.

2. the enterprise infrastructure, logistics inefficiency. From the perspective of transport, many Chinese enterprises have only a single means of transport, the transport network is not complete, repeat the high rate and convective transport, there are figures showing the current freight car empty up to 37%, back to serious. In addition, waste, storage warehouse space is unreasonable; most of the material out, storage is still done by a simple mechanical devices; many of the warehouse with conventional memory, and circulation has not been changed.

3. the low level of informatization of enterprise logistics. Due to the late development of the information industry in China, people with different interests to understand there are differences of enterprise information. Subject to financial, material and human conditions, some business leaders also cannot accept the application of the management information system, so that most enterprises are still failing to implement digital logistics management, advanced electronic data interchange, automatic identification and bar code technology, global positioning systems, let alone talk about. Glass which makes it impossible to own logistics   stone   cement   wood   refractories   fine dye   fertilizer   paint   oil   activated carbon   oil   agricultural special breeding    pump   machine   fasteners   hardware   faucet   Lock   wrench   trundle   industrial equipment construction machinery   machinery   packaging equipment   electronic IC led screen  LED PCB  diode   transformers   machining sheet metal processing   laser   stamping   forging   Electrical battery   switch   wire  g  motor   car transport   Interior   exterior   electric car   car audio   security monitoring camera   gloves   fire-fighting equipment   safe   instrumentation   analytical instrument    test machine &Nbsp;  sensor    measuring   to view all the categories of industrial products services for real-time monitoring, could not achieve with upstream suppliers and downstream customers of information sharing, no compatible interface to work with logistics.

4. lack of professional talent. Logistics management technology as a new, extremely broad areas covered, this requires logistics managers are not only to be familiar with the entire process, and be proficient in logistics management, business logistics extends outward, as well as comprehensive knowledge of the management of the entire supply chain. , China now has comprehensive livestock   aquatic products   corn   wheat   Apple   health   medicine   pharmaceutical intermediates   pharmaceutical equipment   textile and nonwoven   felt   leather   strap   textile accessories   zipper   energy natural gas   diesel   Anthracite   petrol   solar   view all categories of raw materials   materials selling source [steel]  companies   stainless steel special session  [chemical]  paint: create the paint color space dance hot  [agricultural]  agricultural seed supply base  [ []  green seedlings in agriculture suppliers of fine]   Rubber world friends   adhesive agent special   market analysis of raw materials imported iron ore market trend prediction of   June steel at Baosteel and policy interpretation price   oil price adjustment has a new variable or reduced price  PE steady  PP range   prices roller-coaster play   about purchasing hard   industrial machinery bearings   valve   mold   Tool holders with current knowledge of the serious lack of management and technical personnel, cannot meet the needs of enterprise's logistics modernization.