Road toll profits 4PL supply chain functions and processes to undertake the operation of

&Nbsp;      VMI materials testing tasks, primarily with the third-party logistics companies or by monitoring the implementation of this test mode could raise the level of testing and fairness. Conglomerate responsible for the assessment of third-party logistics company tasks, so third-party logistics companies must be strictly for nonconformities that delivery was not timely and vendor records in a timely manner. Through the application of centralized management model at this level, we can not only improve their product quality and service level, and can reduce the risk of supply monopoly and the factory monitoring and management costs.

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     change: through new technologies to achieve the strengthening of all supply chain functions. Change efforts on improving a specific supply chain functions, including sales and operations planning, distribution management, procurement, and customer support. At this level, supply chain management is critical to the success or failure of the programme. Leading and sophisticated technology, combined with strategic thinking, process reengineering and organizational change management excellence, together constitute the best solution, for integration and improved supply chain activities and processes.

implementation: process integration, transfer of Johnson moved the system integration and operation of the site. A fourth party logistics provider helping customers implement new operational programmes, including business process optimization, system integration between customers and service providers, as well as the transfer of operations to a 4PL project operations teams. Projects in the process of implementing organizational change should be more careful, because the "people" factor is often the key to the success or failure of the business to 4PL. Biggest goals was to avoid a very well designed policies and procedures implemented very invalid, thus limiting the effectiveness of programmes, affected the project's expected results.

execution: assume the operation of multiple supply chain functions and processes. 4PL multiple supply chain functions and processes to undertake responsibility for the operation. Its scope of work extend well beyond the traditional third-party logistics, transportation management and warehouse management operations, including manufacturing, procurement, inventory management, supply chain, information technology, demand forecasting, network management, customer service, management, and administration. Although a company can outsource all supply chain activities 4PL, 4PL is usually engaged in some key parts of the supply chain functions and processes.

     However, in the actual operation, lack of third-party logistics company to operate the entire supply chain and strategic expertise and real integration of supply chain process-related technologies. Fourth party logistics is increasingly becoming a way to help companies achieve sustained operation cost reduction and distinguish it from traditional outsourcing of real assets. It relies on third-party logistics provider of the industry's best, technology suppliers, management consultants and other value-added service provider, to provide customers with a unique and wide range of supply chain solutions. This is more than any one company can provide.

     two-tier centralized model of VMI supply chain reengineering

you can see original distribution chain is divided into a A1, A2, two links, and set up a third-party logistics nodes, through the establishment of a third-party logistics, can disperse factory and supplier logistics needs together, sharing the distribution costs, their logistics costs are reduced. Management of third party logistics and manpower for the factory to implement VMI, or exists as an organic link between the factory and supplier.

can be solved by first-level centralized vendor information-sharing problems with the factory, and various factories in the region needs raw materials from the third-party logistics storage and distribution, supplier in the distribution center inventory becomes completely transparent, and improved inventory control effect. Focus mode in the first level, full use of the third party logistics service provide expertise on, looking for, inter alia, through information integration technology and business, providing tracking services, business consulting, integration of various plant resources in the region to help coordinate information exchange with suppliers.

     loss of second-tier inventory mainly from internal, manifested in the rise in inventories caused by internal operation of complex and confusing, thus leading to increased operating costs. Third level of inventory losses, mainly from outside the enterprise.

     e-commerce environment Xia of supply chain management in the the members between of interests distribution can according to their in "virtual organization" in the played of role and participation of link, and "important degree" for balanced, through consultations determine distribution principles; on the, for this a new of marketing and management mode, strengthening related problem of research, constantly perfect and sought "total win" of interests distribution strategy.

  inventory. In e-commerce in supply chain management in the environment of information instead of stocks, that is, Enterprise holdings is "virtual stock" rather than a physical inventory, only the last link of the supply chain to deliver physical inventory that can greatly reduce the risk of holding stocks. However, these "virtual stock" How random the immediate needs of the market, stocks of "effectiveness" problem being tested.

action: in order to achieve "zero inventory", information stocks instead of physical inventory