Jia JI logistics say housing fell far short of the expected target

For years, the city will develop trade and logistics, construction of "logistics world" city of trade and commerce as an important strategic and will be positioned as a key service for the development of the support the city's economic long-term prosperity, has formed the urban Western, Eastern, lingang international logistics park, the three integrated regional logistics network extends throughout the country.

by the end of 2010, the city has all kinds of specialization and socialization of logistics industry and logistics enterprises 3,065, of which the urban 1545, 32 professional freight station, and shows trends in cluster development, concentrated in three main zones and economic development zones, port economic development zone. I logistics, high speed, low cost, covering a wide range of advantages emerge logistics network has covered all cities above the county level throughout the country.

in 2011, the "two sessions", and cleared the proposed to consolidate improving commercial and logistics industry, to develop modern logistics, e-commerce, to product processing industry exhibition economy and city, continue to promote the upgrade of linyi city and wholesale markets, to clear goals and direction for the development of transport logistics. Meanwhile, in the just-concluded CPC Committee (enlarged) meeting, also pointed out that to introduce and train a team of strong, advanced management of logistics enterprises, recycling, trade logistics development field, I.

in 2011, the city introduced a number of large logistics information platform in logistics park will be encouraged to promote continuous improvement of logistics information, automation, leading logistics service ability to function, leading to further enhance, establishing perfect management system, providing important support for promoting prosperity wholesale Mall. Meanwhile, in order to promote "thousands of villages market project" as an opportunity to speed up the construction of rural logistics system, multi-level, multidisciplinary and multiform commodity circulation system, improve the means of production and consumer goods, Automotive electrical appliances, pharmaceutical distribution and distribution network.

exhibition industry the big step into "e-age"

not long ago, the city's only official Web site of exhibition industry in linyi exhibition network (opening up and running, which marks the city's focus on the development of service industry of Convention and exhibition industry has a new platform.

in 2010, I city has held has China (linyi) market trade Expo, and China (linyi) solar industry Expo, 110 a exhibition, which trade class exhibition 38 a, displayed area more than 230,000 more square meters, exhibition enterprise more than 10,000 more than, achieved turnover more than 12 billion yuan, which Pro Bo will turnover 4.7 billion yuan, indirect led I city accommodation, and catering, and traffic, and shopping, and tourism, and communications, and advertising, industry income 600 million Yuan above, exhibition has became I City economic development of new growth very.

in 2011, further increased around the city's exhibition industry propaganda, all-round, multi-angle display enterprise image, improve service quality, for the majority of exhibition enterprises, providing exhibitors with a good platform for service, Exchange, the city created the exhibition official website of linyi xincheng exhibition network. Through this official website of the exhibition in order to more quickly and easily promote my city exhibition information, enhance the city's exhibition business and exhibition the transparency and credibility of the project, for the development of Convention and exhibition industry in our city to build a new platform.

40% strive to share

until the end of 2010, the city has invested 1.2 billion yuan to complete a gross floor area of 750,000 square meters processing area, and attracted 50 mall owners settled. Meanwhile, national business Conference on financing development held in the city, opening up new channels for City financing of CCP.

in 2011, I, accelerating the construction of linyi products processing zone aims to attract more city business district, strives to linyi city market share to 40%. To this end, the city will further improve investment, business environment, while enhancing the promotion of linyi city renovation, construction information consulting, online marketing, online payment in one of the e-business service network to enhance the mall's overall competitive strength.

economic development is inseparable from the credit system, in 2011, the city will continue its special action to combat intellectual property rights infringements and the manufacturing and selling of fake and shoddy goods, do regulate the logistics market order and perfecting persistent system on order of the market economy. Launched a business enterprise activities, improve the trustworthiness evaluation system, advocating civilized honesty in business, finds recognition of a number of "good faith demonstration enterprise of Commerce." Satisfied consumer benefits thousands of families, linyi city, integrity management "top ten enterprises", "top ten entrepreneurs", "advanced enterprise" award award activities, active in the "no fake hundred stores" model Street, create an activity model shops in the city's construction business integrity and satisfactory environment for consumer