Emergence of massage, eye problems

Yichun Qian reporter NI Yuan Lu reports: recently, the wanzai Miss Office of two men and the massages there are emotional entanglements and conflicting, one of them was wounded, at present, the police have been investigating the matter. &Nbsp;2 7th, just after the Lantern Festival. Leisure wanzai County Public Security Bureau police station received a call: "here are the lilies are often effective eye massage, make it possible to have a good loop is very heavy. The emergence of micro-massage, eye problems is good supporting mitigation techniques. Micro-massage is mainly for ladies eyes dark puffy eyes and fine lines, dark circles, eye four issues such as design, through subtle vibrations, ease problems arising around the eyes and help you restore confidence, young and beautiful restored.   Massage structure is relatively simple, ...  7 the same news  -  Baidu snapshot   

early this morning, a massage in Siu Lun Street, xigang district, man Zhao knife crazy attack, he stabbed three women over more than 50 knives, three people were seriously injured ......  reporter was informed yesterday, this closely watched murder trial results at the time, Zhao found guilty of manslaughter, was given a suspended death sentence by Court of first instance.   Zhao, born in 1985, Heilongjiang province, middle school culture. &Nbsp;18 year, Cho with a dream, ...  2 the same news  -  Baidu snapshot   

later she used every night lotion massage, calf successfully halve!  legends: after the bath, greased with baby oil or lotion to your legs and firmly kneaded from the bottom up, allowing fat to soften, 1 month can significantly improve calf