4PL mode, four international ↘ logistics trends

International logistics presents four trends  

trend: global trend of integration of logistics integration is the emerging concept of transport logistics, the tried-and-tested fair transport logistic is divided into four components: logistics, handling, freight and passenger transport within the library.

at present, logistics support has been the widespread use of electronic management systems become the backbone of the industry, the Internet has become an indispensable component. Network makes the term logistics management functions, mode of transport and quick conversion possible. Numerous collections of networks and electronic management solution at its Munich fair are www.haohywl.com are on display, they not only provide the convenience of cargo and personnel transport solutions, but also makes it easy to transport and logistics efficiency. Meanwhile, communications, process control, transportation control and traffic management will make transport and logistics in the future more on time.

handling is about the efficient use of warehouse storage capacity and coordination of internal and external logistics, which is of great significance for business. In the fair can be found on a full range of system solutions and means to counter the heavy work: storage system, goods loading and unloading, transfer all the professional equipment required for discharge. Freight transport logistics in the traditional areas, such as land transport, waterborne transport and air transport accounts for a large proportion of industry's development will give people a deep impression. Road, rail, inland water, maritime and air transport and new transport solutions in this exhibition are on display. All service providers, such as ports, airports and carriers are on display.

trend II: as much as possible to provide customers with value-added services logistics services beyond the traditional meaning of goods transport, warehousing or storage. Actually received from customer orders, logistics company has been involved in the whole process of the product itself.

"for modern logistics enterprises, separate transport operations have been unable to constitute the basis of firm. "Germany MIEBACH logistics consultants, spokesman for JUGRENHESS, said at the fair:" so on the one hand they are required to provide new and additional business, expanding the scope of business; but also must constantly, to provide customers with the exclusive, or at least is special service---that is, value-added services, and to increase the competitiveness of their enterprises. ”

value-added logistics services (VAS-WALUE-ADDEDSERVICES) originated in the competitive world of letters and parcels delivery business, is now in the logistics industries in full swing. Whether in the sea, air or land, in fact almost all transport and logistics related companies are trying to provide value-added services. Global transportation companies and courier companies to provide customers with one-stop service, whose services cover a product from procurement to manufacturing, storage and warehousing, packaging, rationing, send and return, repair and recycling management process. Such as traditional logistics enterprise---shipping companies are now not only responsible for the transport of goods, but also fight the system, such as commercial invoices, cargo insurance for investment and manage the whole service, in fact, that in an effort to provide a complete supply chain management, allowing customers to track their cargo in the first time orientation, accurate process and actual costs.

based on maritime transport, but also far beyond its traditional range of value-added services for transport,---in their core business was the shipping container business declined when the remedy. But the fact is that both ends of the logistics industry can benefit: customers have access to more comprehensive and meticulous service, which can save time and effort to do their core businesses; and logistics companies but also because this novel won the hearts of customers and special services.

in that give customers more flexibility and efficient value-added services under the concept of logistics enterprises not only expanded our scope of business, and only sent packages and cargo service to find more sources of profit. Now, the competition remains fierce, also proves that the development of value added services also has a lot of upside.

trend III: brings new challenges real 4PL fourth party logistics companies should be able to become a Professional Organizer, integration of various services, process control, data providers, as well as the capital operation of "trouble-free" managers, and in addition to essential information technology, must also have a real capacity to transport and storage network.

is there a company in the logistics industry can be complex individual services into a comprehensive logistics concept? A does not control position in the logistics chain enterprises has the potential to be the vanguard of modern logistics standard-bearer? In modern logistics theory in the field, there is no concept of "fourth-party logistics" such encounters so hotly debated. In the logistics of the World Expo, 4PL concepts is extremely hands-on samples has also been listed as the key topics of discussion and demonstration.

earlier trends of globalization and expanding the scope of services, the concept of the logistics chain and radically different, processes become increasingly complex, increasingly stringent customer requirements. Recently, experts have proposed the concept of a 4PL, hoping to supply chain management provide a working solution to the problem.

4PL mode, an external logistics integration and integrated service providers will take on consultancy, consultancy, planning, controlling and will program the task chain to maintain the best condition. It's like ↘ customers and between traditional logistics enterprise adds a layer of highly efficient service film. In theory, the 4PL provider is completely neutral, as a provider of long-term strategic ∧ v   ∑   PI   ∥ ∠   ≌   ∽   ≦   contact   ≒﹤﹥じ advisory services company, its mission is to provide information platform for exchanging data, selecting partners, to provide customers with more transparent procedures, cut costs, and provide a full management service. From the "job description", we can see clearly who is to provide and facilitate the resolution of 4PL---consulting and software manufacturer.

numerous services for these companies, which will be the future of the 4PL company main? Still can't answer. Currently industry is attempts to different of mode, most is from 3PL of service company, and information technology provides who and advisory company, derivative and to; another some is is various different type company of "fit", like same supply chain Shang of operation company and information technology of participants, or is for a a specific project Shi, with a big company subordinates of series subsidiary by take of joint management.

undeniable is that logistics area covered by complex factors, such as from consulting to technical, operational, and what can the value-added chain in the problems and troubles down to zero, and so on, makes it harder for a company to complete the practice. 4PL and logistics experts challenge is, how to unify the different industry and service trade companies?

in any case, 4PL will go beyond the mere provision of an Internet platform, true 4PL company should be able to become a Professional Organizer, integration of various services, process control, data providers, as well as the capital operation of "trouble-free" managers, and in addition to essential information technology, must also have a real capacity to transport and storage network.

trend IV: latest technology goods obtained attention tag technology allows each individual entrusted to him is like carrying an electronic contract, many key data relating to the goods, have been entered. When the goods loading and unloading, like the origin of the goods, quantity, delivery date, storage conditions, and more details in the package is not opened by the monitor, "accessibility", and was immediately transferred to the records in the database.

the fair experts believe that recent tagging technology will bring reform to the modern logistics and promotion, has huge market potential. According to Germany the researchers predict, automated identification system for 2-3 growth in the future will be more than 20%, and experts believe that capacity will reach 4.5 billion euros in the European market next year.

in the transit of goods and data, modern information technologies can help companies save a lot of costs. Supermarket bar codes have become the most common scene---the cashier just black with laser bar code scanning, the price of the goods, item name, and weight and sell will be instantly displayed and recorded. As the most common most common forms of product verification and bar code has the advantage of printing costs and cognitive machinery prices are relatively cheap; but it also has its drawbacks, it is only small amounts of data and records, and cognitive information the machine must be "accessibility".

therefore, the latest electronic attach labels (ELECTRONICTAGGING) has begun to attract much attention from industry and research. This so-called "ISO-frequency radar transceiver" or also called "tags", is made up of tiny microchips, uses radio waves to store information, you can machine a few feet away, cognitive information.  These pin-stripe "smart" lies even with the "dyslexia", also can be smoothly cognitive information. Now that we have a small number of companies in the use of such labels, they are most commonly used in the garment business warehousing and paperless order management. For the modern logistics industry, many experts believe that it will provide goods rationalization program management with unlimited room for development.