In the shipping industry, freight forwarding business Jia JI has developed rapidly

Shipping companies the choice of how to deal with the owner?  

in recent years, China's shipping industry, freight forwarding business development, shipping goods on behalf of our country has made great contributions to the cause, while there have been some problems, caused some losses to the consignors, shipping company and trouble.  


at present, in China, shipping companies to tally directly from shippers, shippers can also be directly to the shipping company booking,  is advantageous for both sides, then, why do owners have to entrust shampoo   digital phone Nokia  Samsung  HTC iPhone4  China cell phone dual SIM dual standby   smart   stock   camera Canon   Sony   SLR   camcorder   notebook tablet computers  IBM iPad  Lenovo   computer hardware   memory   LCD   mouse   around the   router 3G Internet   desktop  U   digital accessories Apple accessories   radiator   Bluetooth   Office printers   projection   machine   cartridge   video headset  MP4  stereo   HDD Media Player   all LCD   fridge   air conditioning   washer   small appliances clothes dryer   milk   cleaning   water   shaving-personal care   foot bath   Massager   home decorating materials baths   lighting   floor   Yuba   furniture bed   sofa   Cabinet   table   IKEA   furniture cross stitch   kite   curtain   photo wall   home daily mail   wedding   reception   warm paste   household cleaning department store   Kitchen   bathroom   bedroom   adult condoms   lingerie     women's   kitchen utensils   Cup     barbecue   tea   day of clean paper   shampoo   bathing   MOP   textile cushion   four-piece suite   bath towels   Slippers   maternal and child nutrition   rice   cod-liver oil   powder   of calcium, iron and zinc   diaper   bottle   bath   wet   pregnant mother   toys   education   cart   bed   children   food snack chocolate   imports   roasted seeds and nuts   Date   health slimming   nest   Amway   honey   whitening   canned vegetable market   Strawberry   fast food   pickles   style schoffel   tent   angling   backpack   sport bike   Yoga   feathers   swimsuits   skating   Auto parts  GPS  cushion   Interior   additives   plush toys   doll   electric   models   game   pet dog   apparel   cat   dog   daily   book examination   fiction   parental   health   Magazine   coin collection   product   and Tian   antique street   stationery dictionary   eBooks   pad   bag     musical instruments guitar   piano   music CD  prenatal   film   services online services take   design shop   model   Discount supermarket cards   cake ticket   ticket   service rush photo   visa   translation   logistics   creative market freight forwarding company? There are several reasons:  

1, owner of the Mainland, no offices in the port, shipped to the port of arrangements need to be receiving, warehousing, short-distance transport, customs inspection, booking, packing, wanted to have someone making imported goods delivery, customs clearance, delivery schedules, and so on.  

2, the owner is in the port, or has an Office in the port, without the formalities of Customs Declaration and inspection and so on.  

3, and some owner has capacity handle port of various procedures, most work also are is himself do, but for purpose Hong Kong Department remote area, no direct ship, also cannot through with a ship company will goods transit to purpose Hong Kong, only relies on no ship carrier to completed, with no ship carrier of container and full bills of lading settlement, no ship carrier on behalf of handle part goods generation business.  

4, volume is small, don't cost much, didn't want to wait for reason.  

international freight agent business, although in world Shang has carried out has many years, different of national on goods generation business different of provides, China also issued has international goods transport agent industry management provides, released has on using international goods transport business dedicated invoice about problem of notification, but China currently of goods generation market still is chaos, legal of, and not legal of goods generation are in dry, they of strength and business not as, plenty of has made has "People's Republic of China International goods agent enterprise approved certificate" of, Strength strong, business project also compared full, can open dedicated invoice of a level goods generation; plenty of only do some customs reported inspection, and canvassing set class, work; also some is what are cannot dry, by relationship, and acquaintances got goods, and with ship generation set class, and changed hands make and other goods generation handle, this also said its for goods generation, this situation Xia, owner in selected   with goods generation Shi, on needed caution.   Strong, credible level of freight forwarding is the best choice, and commissioned, owner's concerns is relatively small, even if what happened, they also have the ability and the owners together to discuss solutions, not payment for not receiving, freight forwarders can not find it. Moreover, this type of freight typically has more than 5 million yuan of registered capital.  

but, owner often for some reasons, needed selected   with some non-level goods generation (this and is some not legal goods generation and temporarily also not made approved certificate of goods generation can survival and business of reasons), in owner delegate they Shi, except no ship carrier outside, General as using carrier (ship company) of bills of lading Shang of received, and shipping people also to playing real of received, and shipping people, because no ship carrier General in world the main port are has handle institutions, has must of strength  , Use of NVOCC bills of lading in the settlement of the whole yield, shippers are also asked to play real consignor; range,  shipping for ease of delivery, non-vessel carrier to the consignee.  

in the case of freight forwarding market has yet to fully purify, in business, the owner of some freight forwarders are wary, this is mainly the impact of certain illicit goods. Freight forwarding does not pay shipping, the shipper on the Bill of lading is the shipper, shipping will find owner for money, and shippers have been found not to meet the delivery.  

now, each ship took a check only upon receipt of the freight bill of lading approach, effectively avoid the sea of problems, but in practice, there are many specific issues. Ship generation to received freight Hou only to signed bills of lading, and some owner to received must signed single settlement Hou, only pay shipping fee, addition, owner to turned Exchange pay shipping fee, Exchange management sector needed see invoice Hou only approved turned Exchange, such, ship generation sometimes in not received shipping fee of situation Xia, both signed has single, also open has invoice, then, goods generation in ship generation and owner Zhijian on became is important of role, goods generation behavior of bad, on ship generation and owner are has must of effect.  

therefore, freight forwarding company would like customers are thinking, not just cost, greater risk or risk looking after acquaintance, affect the credibility of customers.