Ideas of benefit is the development of circulation processing form an important reason

&Nbsp, integration of production and logistics products;

1, processing in circulation appear associated with modern production methods and development trend of modern production is the production of large-scale, specialized, rely on single-variety and batch production method. Reduce production costs to obtain economic benefit, this relative concentration of production trends. This large scale, and the production of the higher degree of specialization, production was relatively higher degree of concentration. The centralization of production caused further separation between output, demand, separation of production and demand at the outset for the awareness of space, time and people. Production and consumption are not in the same location, but a certain distance; cannot be synchronized at the time of production and consumption, there is a certain amount of "time"; producers and consumers are not in a closed circle, some consumer product supply to tens of thousands of people, and some consumer products from many other producers. Make up for the isolation means is the transport, storage and Exchange.  

in recent years, further recognized that modern production caused by the separation of production and demand is not confined to the three aspects mentioned above, this separation is profound and extensive. A fourth major separation is separation of production and demand in terms of product features. "Customers first" and other slogans as the dominant ideology of many producers, however, production, after all, the rules of production, especially in the stressed production of industrialized society, mass production is one of the characteristics of "less variety, large-volume, specialized", the product function (specification, variety, performance) are often not close convergence and consumer needs. This separation method is processing. Therefore, processing in circulation is actually the birth of an inevitable result of the development of modern production.  

2, processing in circulation is not only large industrial products and service in network economy era social product. The emergence of distribution processing and consumption related to the individual in modern society. Consumer personalization, and there is a certain contradiction between the standardization of products, made the existence of the fourth form of separation became more serious. Originally, together make up the fourth separation can take to increase production methods of processing or consumption unit system reform, but after the individual is very prominent, these remedies will make production and production increase in management complexity and degree of difficulty, according to personalized products are difficult to organize efficient, high volume flows. So, after the emergence of the consumer after the new situation and the new concept of personalized, it opened the way for processing.  

3, processing in circulation there and people related to the concept of change effect on circulation. In the course of the social reproduction, the production process is a typical manufacturing process, the main process is the formation of value and use value, production of consumption by its very nature and production processes, through manufacturing consumption of some primary product to produce processed products. History in the production of less complex, when the production is small, all of the processing and manufacturing is concentrated almost entirely in production and in the production process, and circulation just realize the transfer of value and use value of goods.  

after the shift to mass production, specialized in the production of social production, social production is increasingly complex, personalized appear standardization of production and consumption, manufacture in the production process often can not meet consumer demand due to the circulation of complicated manufacture in the production process often cannot meet the circulation requirements. Thus, processing activities started in part by production and reproduction process of transfer to circulation, formed some of the processing activities in the circulation, which is processing.  

appearance of the processing flow process obviously has some kind of "productive" and changed the long-standing "values and value transfer" old ideas, which theoretically clear: circulation processes from the point of view of value can take the initiative to create value and use value, and not just passively "keep" and "transfer" process. Therefore, how much people must study the circulation process is pregnant with potential to create value, which may be further improved through efforts in the circulation of goods of value and use value, and at little cost to achieve this goal. In this way, raises the distribution process from concept to great change in methods, distribution processing to adapt to this change was born.  

4 circulation processing forms and ideas of benefit also to the development of important reasons. After the 60 's, benefits attracted the attention of people, blind pursuit of high technology in the past caused a significant increase in fuel and material inputs, and new technology and new equipment while using, but tend to be more harm than good. Early 70 's, the first oil crisis confirms the importance of benefits, which firmly establish the concept of efficiency, processing in circulation can be obtained with the amount of money a lot of effects, is efficient processing methods, nature has managed to get a lot of development.  

therefore, the circulation processing technology, may not require the use of advanced technology, but this way is a reflection of modern ideas in modern plays an important role in the process of social reproduction.